(WBIR) Residents in an east Knoxville community are pushing for an urban forest in a place that's become a dumping ground for people.

Nearly two dozen people showed up to a meeting Tuesday night to discuss the Williams Creek Urban Forest project off of Daley Street. Some people even suggested the city should close down Daley Street.

Tuesday's meeting gave those people an opportunity to talk about what they'd like to see go in the park. The Executive Director of Tennessee Clean Water Network Renee Hoyas thinks there are plenty of opportunities to make the park beautiful and a place people would want to come to.

"We could do a modern urban forest," Hoyas said. "We could do some plantings. we could do all sorts of really fun stuff in that area and make trails, educational trails. It'd be really nice."

But before a lot of forward progress can be made, the city will have to find a way to get rid of the invasive kudzu bugs that have made there way to the area. Crews cleaning up the site say they're considering bringing in goats to eat the kudzu.

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