One Knoxville resident is taking what some call waste and turning it into a place some would call a home. Jeff Mondlock

(WBIR) One Knoxville resident is taking what some call waste and turning it into a place some would call a home. The Pallet House has been on display at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens and Arboretum.

"What if we can build a self sustained green house, albeit it's 250 square feet, but the tiny house movement is growing, for $15,000. It's comfortable, but small yet cozy," said R. Bentley Marlow, the creator of the home.

The Knox Pallet House only took a few days to build and its frame is made mostly with used pallets. Marlow came up with the idea after seeing a documentary about a "tent" city to house the homeless.

He quickly transitioned his thoughts into building with pallets. And now his project is gaining momentum.

"I have had a couple people talk to me about putting it in their back yard as a house for their in-laws. They want them close, but not that close," said Marlow jokingly.

Marlow has seen some other people taking after his idea.

"A pallet s

A sight to see, catching the eyes of everyone walking by. Logan Smith is a chef, and has seen pallets of food pass through his workplace, Only to see the pallets wasted.tructure randomly arrived downtown. I received a call from David Brace with the city saying come get this pallet thing you built off the sidewalk at Crutch Park, you built the bus station, right? I said what are you talking about?," said Marlow.

"This is an idea. And all it takes is a spark for somebody to take this idea, and really expound upon it. And be able to use it in everyday life," said Smith.

Although it's still a spark, Marlow's plans keep growing and one day, you could see these affordable designs in a nearby neighborhood.

Marlow said he has seen interest for his Pallet house around the country. Some examples, putting it on display at Bonnaroo Music Festival and maybe even one in the 4th and Gill area.

You can learn more about the project at the group's Facebook page.

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