The suspect in a fatal shooting that happened during a home burglary is now in custody after he crashed the SUV stolen from the victim's sister.


The Knox County Sheriff's Office has captured the man wanted for a fatal shooting Friday morning in East Knox County.

The suspect led authorities on a high-speed, 10 minute interstate chase before he crashed his vehicle on Lovell Road in West Knox County.

The man was wanted for the murder of Randy Lands, 44, who was shot and killed when a man broke into his mother's home on Hunters Ridge Way in East Knox County. Lands was living in his mother's home.

Lands' sister and mother arrived at the home while the suspect was still there. He confronted the two women at gunpoint, then stole the sister's SUV.

After the man took the car, the sister, who is visiting from Michigan, went inside and saw the victim, and called 911.

The suspect left behind the van he drove to the house. It was loaded with items stolen from the home.

A deputy later spotted the stolen SUV on I-40 in Knox County. They began chasing him, and pursued him into Loudon County, then back into Knox County, where he got off the interstate in West Knoxville. Deputies hit the suspect vehicle's bumper on Lovell Road, causing him to lose control. The SUV ran through a yard and hit a tree.

There was significant damage to the vehicle, and the suspect was taken away from the scene in an ambulance. His name has not been released.

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