East Tennessee's largest school district will be closed for at least one more day.

Knox County Schools Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre revealed below freezing temperatures have damaged some of the district's school buildings.

Broken pipes and malfunctioning heaters in at least a dozen schools eliminated the possibility for school take place in the county on Wednesday.

The Young Campus at South Doyle High School was hit especially hard. Thirty-three heating units malfunctioned there.

"We obviously make these decisions on what we believe are the best interests of our kids," he said.

McIntyre said the school district first considered canceling school early Tuesday afternoon when teachers re-entered some buildings, eager to prepare for a new semester. He said that was when the school district realized it had a problem.

It found six classes at Sequoyah Elementary school weren't being heated. Inskip, West View and Sarah Moore Greene elementary schools had similar problems. Holston Middle School also had no water.

But, the district's problems went beyond just the schools. Eighty-two diesel school buses did not start Tuesday morning either. That number is a fourth of the buses that serve the school district.

"If the fuel gets too cold, it can become very viscous and gelatinous," McIntyre said. "They have trouble starting."

McIntyre said he was hopeful school would start back up on Thursday. Maintenance crews worked around the clock Wednesday to fix all of the buildings' problems.

No cost has been determined for all of the damages so far.

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