Another busy school board meeting was held in downtown Knoxville Wednesday night as teachers, parents and administrators tackled a number of issues that will shape the future of the school district.

One topic that came up were the results of the district's recently released teacher surveys. The surveys asked teachers about their feelings on the state of the Knox County School system.

About 3,500 teachers responded, and close to half of them disagreed with the assertion that district was "a good place to work and learn" from a teacher's perspective. At Wednesday's meeting, teachers referenced those survey results as further evidence things need to change in Knox County.

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"I know a lot of talk has been said about the concerns that have been raised are just from a small number of teachers and we've known that's just not true," said Knox County teacher Lauren Hopson.

Knox County Schools Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre said his office appreciated hearing teachers' comments.

"I think it's good feedback for us to hear, to listen back, to digest and to really think about how we address some of the concerns," he said.

The night's meeting did touch on other issues.

The school board approved a resolution that asked the state to provide more money for its schools. The district said it needs more funding to keep up with the increasingly rigorous standards that are coming from the state level.

"If we're going to really meet the very high standards that we put in place in Tennessee, we want to make sure that the resources are going to be there to make that happen," McIntyre said.

Parents made their voices heard at the meeting as well. A group of West Knoxville parents asked the school board to consider building a new middle school for the Hardin Valley area.

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The group "Hardin Valley Supports a Middle Schools" argued that other middle schools in the area have become overcrowded. They told board members a new school is needed in the area to relieve the stress.

"It's just growing so rapidly that we already feel the pressure of overcapacity in our elementary school," said local parent Kim Frazier.

Dr. McIntyre said it's an issue the district will look at in the future.

"If those dynamics continue, I think at some point, we are going to have to consider a Hardin Valley Middle School," he said.

The school board also approved on first reading amendments to the district's advertising and solicitation policy.

One amendment says any advertisement or pamphlet produced for students in a school setting must have a disclaimer that it is not sponsored or endorsed by the school district or school board.

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