Blue Slip Winery in the Old Cityis East Tennessee's first urban winery.

It relies on Tennessee vineyards and farmers to supply all the ingredients for the wine they make right here in Knoxville. The fruit is crushed, fermented, bottled and sold on the premises.

It opened four years ago this month. Since then, much has changed and and much remains the same.

Linn Slocum's attitude remains the sam. "I love meeting people and I love talking about wine," she said.

Linn Slocum and Jeff Gaylon opened a winery four years ago and it opened her eyes to new varieties.

"I was a Washington State Chardonnay girl," she said.

Not anymore. She's learned to make different wines and enjoy different wines. She realizes people may be reluctant to try something new so Blue Slip Winery lets customers taste up to six different one ounce samples.

"I'm not a big dry wine fan because of the tartness of it. The sweet wine is my favorite," Darren Laaser said.

He's from Murfreesboro and he likes to check out local wineries when he travels. He sampled several.

"We have fruit wines. We have apple, peach, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry,and then we have your dry whites and dry reds," Linn said. "All of the wines are made from Tennessee grown fruit."

When Blue Slipopened its doors four years a go the winery offered 14 varieties of wine. Now they've doubled that and expanded distribution.

Linn explained, "We can do custom labels for people now. We can ship wine within the states that will allow shipping."

Blue Slip can make wines for vineyards and farms that want to have their own wineries.

"If a licensed winery makes their wine for them then they can sell wine on their property," she said.

This Labor Day the winery in the Old City will be part of Boomsday downtown.

"We're going to have a booth and we're going to do some grape stomping so for those of you who would like to stomp some grapes come on down and see us," she said. "I've been asked what we're going to do with the juice after we stomp those grapes and I'm not really sure, I'll get back to you on that, but we won't use it in the wine."

Darren Laaser said, "This is a wonderful place. The people are great. It's just a great atmosphere."

Linn Slocum wants customers to stretch their palette much like this Chardonnay lover stretched hers.

"I would have to say my favorite now is Tennessee Kaluga White," she said. "It tastes like a Pinot Grigio."

You can taste wines at the Blue Slip Winery 6 days a week and discover your own favorite.

"It's the customer's choice. Either you like it or you don't. We want to have something for everyone," she said.

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