The spirit of an old house lives on at the same location on Beaver Ridge Road thanks to a Knoxville man who thinks it feels like home.


An old house caught the eye of a member of Knox Heritage, a group that works to preserve historic structures.

The spirit of that old house lives on at the same location.

Stuart Worden thinks it was one of the first houses in Karns, built about 150 years ago. To him, the house seemed like home.

"They're just warm and friendly and people come in and they relax and it's fun. That's why I've lived in log house for over 50 years," he said.

He planned to preserve the log house on Beaver Ridge Road.

"This one is re-creating a log house that was here and we hoped to restore but the termites had gotten here before we did,"
he explained.

So modern meets classic.

Builder Freddie Haun pieced together logs without termites from an old house in Kentucky. He's worked on similar houses over the past 15 years.

"They didn't have levels. They used plumb bobs. We had to really square it up to get it all leveled up. That's the challenge," Freddie Haun said.

Stuart Worden said, "He had worked with museums before and had put logs up. Not a lot of people know or have the patience to make that happen just right so Freddie was the reason I guess I was able to put this log house back up."

The two story fireplace is made of limestone just like the original, he salvaged a door from the historic Keller House, and the side lights next to the door were in the house when he bought the property.

The space between the logs is filled with a foam material and will be finished with a textured coating to insulate the house and protect the wood.

"You keep certain things but having windows that are air tight and are insulated is very important because we've got heat bills they didn't worry about too much 150 years ago," he said.

It's a little bit old and a little bit new.

It's a house two men have collaborated on to make it a home.

"It would have been easier and cheaper to just build another house on the lot. But it seemed proper to keep a log house here in Karns where it originally was. And it's very close to what was originally here," Stuart Worden said. "This was kind of a labor of love and when I finish it I would love to have somebody move in. We'll sell it and let somebody move in that can enjoy it just like I'm enjoying my log house."

When will it be finished?

Freddie Haun said, "Soon."