A new concept for a beer brewery just launched in Maryville. The business operates as a taproom, brewery, supply store and cooperative.


New Maryville craft brewery features a taproom, home brew supply store, and beer education classes. Co-op members are active partners in the business. Emily Stroud and Brian Holt

A new concept for a beer brewery just launched in Maryville. The business operates as a taproom, brewery, supply store and cooperative.

When you walk in the door you see a dog named Blue who is kind of the mascot of Bluetick Brewery.

"Blue is just a good old brew dog. Everybody loves Blue. And he's always here to welcome you to the tap room," Sarah Snyder said.

The space in Maryville near the roundabout opened Monday as a tap room (a place to buy and drink beer) and a home brew supply store (for folks who like to make their own beer.) But founders Chris and Sarah Snyder want it to be more that that.

"We're just like an LLC craft brewery, up and coming, developing... but we also have a wonderful member-driver volunteer co-op where if you join this co-op you get benefits with Bluetick Beer, with free beer, with discounted beer, and have opportunities to participate in different beer related events," she said.

Marcie Mascaro is one of about 170 lifetime charter members of the Bluetick Brewery Cooperative.

"We're so excited to open our doors and have some beer and cheer with the community," Marcie Mascaro said. "Everybody has come together to paint the walls, to do sanding, dusting -- lots of dusting when you're kind of building out a space. Also some brainstorming on what Bluetick Brewery Cooperative means."

Some co-op members help with building the bar, some draw signs, and some will teach at beer education events.

"We teach the community about beer. It's broadening your expectations of beer and giving you samples and we're so excited to offer those events in January," she said.

The brewing area of the brewery is not quite ready. But soon Bluetick with be brewing four different beers for distribution in Blount County with plans to expand.

"This spring we hope to get our seven barrel system in. That will get us launched not just in Blount County anymore but up in to Knox County for distribution. And that will be kegs only to start," Sarah explained.

In the meantime, Chris and Sarah Snyder want it to be a place for the community.

She said, "People can come in. They can get their beer. If you're a co-op member you get it discounted. But the general public is welcome to sit here too. You can play a little air hockey, you can watch some coop members home brewing here at the brewery, you can watch Bluetick brewing on their big system at the brewery."

Bluetick Brewery Cooperative charter memberships are available through Christmas.

"We're going to be growing as we grow and with our members here to bolster us and support us and we are here to provide them beer along the way," she said.