You've heard the expression 'Christmas in July.' But for one shop In Gatlinburg it's Christmas in January, February, March...


You've heard the expression 'Christmas in July.' But for one shop In Gatlinburg it's Christmas in January, February, March...

It's a Christmas store selling holiday season items all year long.

Shop in Gatlinburg carries Christmas items all year long. Emily Stroud and Brian Holt

The name of the store comes from a gotcha' game Susan Long's family played at Christmas at Susan Long's grandmother's house.

"She was always hiding in a corner and would jump out and say Christmas Eve Gift and get us every time," she said.

Don't let the name fool you. Christmas Eve Gift in Gatlinburg isn't limited to Christmastime sales.

"People who come to Gatlinburg sometimes only come once a year or once every three years and if they see something in here they like they know they better get it because it might not be here in November or December," she said.

Her signature item is hand made Santas. She creates more than one hundred a year.

"We make the faces and hands out of clay, fire it in a kiln, and they're all hand painted by me. I make their outfits. I love fabric. I love colors. My husband makes the frames. They're on a wooden base. After I dress them then it's time to put the heads on, the hands, and start on the beards," she said. "My beards are unique. I use all natural angora goat hair and I take pieces of it and wire it together and glue it on and them curl it. So all the Santas' beards are hand made, all hand created, and different."

One side of the store is Christmas year round but the other side features non-Christmas items.

Troy Long explained, "Kind of the little kiddie section, infant section, first birthday stuff, that goes with the night lights and the glass blocks, the bubbles kind of fit into the middle of it all. Bubbles are good for all occasions. Trust me, Christmastime lots of bubbles are out there."

Troy Long is talking about bubble wands.

"I hand make all the bubble wands, solder them, bend all the copper, put all the solution together," he said.

He's making bubble wands, she's making Santas, to appeal to customers no matter what the calendar says.

"I have customers who tell me they have a tree in every room, they even put them in their bathrooms. I've had people have me make Santas to match their bathrooms. I've made purple Santas, I've made hot pink Santas. I've made Santas every personality and color to match people's homes," Susan said.

She's made plenty of Santas with candy canes and Nativity scenes too to remind you of Christmas all year long.

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