One theater is closing. Another one is being renovated. And audiences will soon be able to enjoy shows from both theaters in one place.


One theater is closing. Another one is being renovated. And audiences will soon be able to enjoy shows from both theaters in one place.

Construction is underway for the new Grand Majestic Dinner Theater in Pigeon Forge. It is set to open Valentine's Day. Emily Stroud and Brian Holt

Shows are moving down the road in Pigeon Forge from the Grand Majestic building to the Smith Family Dinner Theater.

The existing building is getting a major make over.

"The building is going to look totally different. We are going to remodel a lot of the stage," Jackie Miranda said.

The new name of the building will be the Grand Majestic Dinner Theater and will be owned by the couple who owned the old Grand Majestic, Doug and Jackie Miranda.

"We got along right off the bat. I think we have a similar management style. They like to take care of folks and we like to do the same thing. And they're very interested in having a high quality product," John Chapman with the Smith Family Dinner Theater said.

He said the Smith Family will still perform here. New co-owner Jackie Miranda also performs. Her husband Doug Miranda directs and produces the shows.

"The shows, we're going to change up the shows as well. So instead of just having two shows we're going to have five shows. We're going to have a little bit of everything. No matter what age you are in the family you are going to enjoy it," Jackie said.

The move means more shows and more variety.

"They can come to this one building and pretty much cover any genre they're interested in with Soul of Motown, we've got the Smith Family. They do classic country, oldies, 50s and 60s. Motown obviously hits all the Motown music. They also have the America's Hit Parade," John said.

The building was already equipped with a kitchen for dinner shows. That's something new for the Grand Majestic. Now dinner will be served.

"A lot of families and a lot of groups, they like to be able to eat and watch a show and not have to move around or think that I am going to be late, I'm not going to make it to the show," Jackie said.

John said, "Just having everything together makes it a little bit more exciting for folks. They can come in and enjoy a good dinner and then be entertained without having to move the car twice. That's always helpful when you get in this traffic up here." :

Jackie said,"We're changing the menu up a little bit. We're changing the shows." :

Construction should be finished in time for the new Grand Majestic Dinner Theater to open on Valentine's Day.

Jackie said, "Just come and see us. You won't believe it. It's going to be so much fun."

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