Dollywood's new FireChaser Express will be ready when the theme park opens this March. Expect twists, turns, and a riding backwards experience.


(WBIR-Pigeon Forge) Cold conditions and wet weather have not stopped construction of Dollywood's latest attraction.

It will feature twists, turns, and a riding backwards experience.

Workers are busy building the FireChaser Express, rain or no rain. Pete Owens with Dollywood said weather has been a challenge.

"A lot of rain. We had snow early. We've had several days of snow and extreme cold. We're blessed in the fact that we work with a lot of great people so the track itself was completed right after Christmas. We finished the electrical work this morning," Pete Owens said.

FireChaser Express is right next to the Wild Eagle roller coaster. The newest ride will offer a different experience.

"Both great individual attractions. Both targeted toward families. But one very much a high thrill attraction and this one a family thrill attraction," he said.

The new coaster is in the same spot at the old Adventure Mountain. Those who remember that attraction will recognize some of the buildings featured in the new ride.

"We can actually have track running through the towers in which you might have climbed through at one point when it was Adventure Mountain," Owens said.

The adventure will evoke visions of fire towers and fire fighting back in the 1940s. Visitors will even see a 1941 fire truck parked out front.

"We wanted a family attraction. One that would be thrilling for them but it's a family coaster which just means it doesn't go upside down," he said.

It doesn't have the big hills of some thrill rides but it does have a lot of twists and turns and some spots where you'll feel a zero gravity effect. It's no kiddie ride. But visitors will have to be only 39-inches tall to ride, meaning some kids as young as four could enjoy the FireChaser Express.

"I think more than anything else they are going to see a lot of smiles on families as they launch out of the building when they hear the fire alarm go off," Owens said.

Rain, what rain? The coaster is right on track.

"Although the guys are cold and sometimes wet, they're getting everything done and we're targeted to open when the park opens in March," he said. "When it launches out of the building for the first couple of times you see it you're going to go what is that and how do I get over there so I can ride it."

The new ride will have three trains so as many as 750 people an hour will be able to experience FireChaser Express.

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