Six fraternity brothers from Beta Upsilon Chi will make a mission trip to Brazil. The entire Christian fraternity is supporting their efforts.


(WBIR-Downtown Knoxville) The Lady Vols are looking forward to the Women's Basketball NCAA Tournament. It starts this weekend.

Looking beyond the tournament, the team's senior manager has big plans for the post-season. And he's asked his fraternity brothers to join him.

Members of Beta Upsilon Chi fraternity will head to Brazil in May to serve the poor and share their faith. Emily Stroud and Brian Holt

It's a fraternity at the University of Tennessee called Beta Upsilon Chi or BYX. It's a Christian fraternity.

"We have have brotherhood kind of under Christ and that makes it so much different and every one of us has that in common," Beta Upsilon Chi member Nick Stoutt said.

Fraternity member Jordan Prewitt said, "When I found BYX I knew God had put me here for a reason."

Jordan Prewitt has talked with his frat brothers about his mission trips to Brazil where construction is part of the project.

"We've actually built a few churches in favelas which I don't know if everybody if familiar with what a favelas is but it's kind of like the slums of Brazil. It's actually the third poorest part of the world are the favelas of Brazil," he said.

Bonding with the people is important.

"Definitely my favorite part is just getting to love on these kids," he said.

And sharing his faith is crucial.

"They just need people to come in and show them the love of Christ and that's been a huge thing for us to be able to do," he said.

Nobody was surprised when Jordan invited them to join him on a mission trip to Brazil this May.

"Brazil is without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life and so I just want to share that with them," he said.

Six young men will go to Brazil, including Nick Stoutt and Zach Behnke. The entire fraternity is supporting the effort.

Zach Behnke said, "That's the cool thing about being in a fraternity is when you have things like this everyone rallies around together and is there to help each other out so it's a really neat thing."

They've been selling t-shirts and hosted a pancake breakfast and are asking for donations to fund the trip for six of them. They're close to their fund raising goal.

"We are raising money to actually give some to the missionarieswho are there because they are building some houses right now for families that have been displaced," Jordan said.

The fraternity is also collecting donated items to take with them on the trip: coloring books, hygiene items, and candy.

"Dum dum suckers are a huge thing, any non perishable candy is big," he said.

They will give to the Brazilians and take away something too, an appreciation for what they have.

"They don't have anything close to what I have here. I am looking forward to it giving me a lot of perspective," Nick said.

To donate funds to the mission trip click here.

To find out more about donating items or buying t-shirts email Jordan Prewitt at

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