Hundreds of grams of heroin are off the streets of Hamblen and Jefferson County, after an ongoing investigation led to several arrests on Wednesday.

According to the Hamblen County Sheriff's Department, Lawrence Gilbert Wells, Jr, of Jefferson County, was taken into custody Wednesday at a home on Lennie Avenue in Morristown after a brief foot chase. A woman was also arrested at the house; her name has not yet been released.

The investigation into Wells began in April, after a drug bust netted over 3,000 pills, including at least 1,600 oxycodone pills. Detectives believe the drugs were brought down from Philadelphia to be sold in Hamblen County.

"We believe we got it all this time. We don't know how much actually came into Hamblen County, but we believe we got one of the main suppliers in East Tennessee," Sheriff Esco Jargagin said.

Over the past few months, HCSD says Wells sold over 300 bags of heroin, worth over $20,000, to undercover officers. In a search of the home in Morristown, officers seized 280 bags of heroin with a street value of over $8,400.

Authorities were also searching a house in Dandridge for more evidence. They've already found cash, marijuana, and two cars, which were seized. Three other women were also arrested there, though there names have not been released.

Wells faces a count of trafficking and conspiracy to deliver a schedule 1 drug.

Investigators seized 280 hits of heroin this week, in addition to several hundred more from a search in April. The street value of those drugs is about $20,000.