(WBIR, Talbott) - One Jefferson County Elementary School is trying to keep their students and campus safe by implementing some new technology.

All teachers at Talbott Elementary School will now have an emergency bag equipped with a first aid kit, student roster, and one way radio.

Talbott Elementary School will be the first in the state to use the "SafeCeiver" technology which will let every teacher in the building hear what the principal, the SRO, and the lead teachers are saying over the radio in the event of an emergency, like a tornado, fire, or school security issue.

"Just prior to us getting these bags, basically just the absolute key leadership team had radio communications. It's one per a couple of grade levels that would have communications, the other teachers have to wait until that teacher will disseminate out to them," said Deputy Todd White.

That's no longer the case with the new "SafeCeiver." Teachers will be able to listen to instructions without students knowing what's going on.

The principal also plans to use the emergency bags on a daily basis.The bags will travel with the students to recess and other classes in hopes of promoting better communication between teachers and positive culture for the students.

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