Some Maryville residents have been struggling to keep warm within their own homes.

Atmos Energy says pressure dropped for some customers as demand jumped during the Arctic Blast the past few days. They started feeling the impact over night from Monday into Tuesday morning.

Craig Hurst noticed the change Monday night around two in the morning.He thought it was originally a furnace problem, but soon found out his neighbors had the same issue.

""They got it repaired, it came back on, everything worked great all during the night. All until this morning, and this morning it went back out again," said Hurst.

Atmos crews made their way to customers' homes lighting pilot lights and checking on furnaces.People started to return to the warm home lifestyle, but some still have concerns about the consistency.

"I am happy because it is warm, but I realize they will have to get to the base of the problem or it will happen again tomorrow," said Maryville resident Lula Smith.

An Atmos spokesperson said their equipment was prepared for the cold weather, but not this cold.

Until they have everything back to normal, they recommend a few things: Lower thermostats, use extra blankets for warmth, and limit non-essential gas applications like fireplaces, spas, and the use of heated water. Also make sure you do not try to heat your home with your oven or stoves.

"I do have a neighbor that does not have portable heaters. And her condo has been cold since the heat went off. Unfortunately her pipes are frozen and she has no water," said Hurst.

Hurst has been home from work during the gas issues because he is a teacher. He hopes things go back to normal, because he will not be able to watch his home when he's back in class.

"They should be able to make sure they are prepared properly and be able to take care of us when emergency situations arise like this," said Hurst.

Atmos hopes to have everyone's natural gas service back to normal by the end of Wednesday. They said the pressure problems will go away as the weather gets warmer.

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