(WBIR, Alcoa) - On Thursday, TVA asked all electric power customers to voluntarily reduce their use of electricity. That request was lifted around noon Friday, but not before some of Alcoa's biggest power customers did their part to conserve energy.

The City of Alcoa's Public Work's building was in energy saving mode Friday morning.

Officials reduced the amount of lighting in the building and set the thermostat to 60 degrees.

"We want to do what we're asking them to do," said Electric Department Director Eddie Tramel.

The Walmart in Alcoa also did their part to conserve.

The store reduced its lighting and waited until after the voluntary conservation had been lifted to defrost freezers, one of the largest uses of energy in the store.

"The refrigeration draws a lot of energy. So what we do is, there are defrost cycles and there are powering up cycles, we coordinate with them so they do not run during those peak times," said shift manager Curt Coates.

The store has sky lights that help light the store without using so much energy as well.

"This is our community, and we care about what goes on in our community. I live in the community, and I don't want the power grid to go down at my house. This is a little thing we can do and should do, and it just helps everyone stay warm during these times," said Coates.

Tramel says the city requested business-only cutbacks on non-essential energy uses.

Tramel adds other businesses in Alcoa like McGhee Tyson Airport, the air base, Clayton Homes, and many others also did their part conserving.

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