All over East Tennessee, football fans hosted super bowl watch parties.

Some local charities got in on the fun, too.

Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee invited some special guests to their first "Soup-er Bowl" event.

"The local NFL chapter approached second harvest and said we would love to feed the hungry. Can you do something with us? We just thought this would be a great idea to have some of these guys here with us tonight," said director of Second Harvest of East Tennessee Elaine Streno.

Guests paid $100 entries to have a meal, a drink, and the chance to learn more about the game of football from the guys out on the field.

David Douglas is a UT Grad, and former Cincinnati Bengal. He played in a Super Bowl.

"Unfortunately we played the 49ers and lost with only 29 seconds left in the game," said Douglas.

But it's about more than the game for Douglas.

Tennessee is his home, and he wants to help Second Harvest succeed.

"It's just great to do this for Second Harvest. And all the people they take care of and all the counties... It's just really nice to do this for them," said Douglas.

Fuad Reveiz spent 11 years in the NFL. He thinks it is important to support this organization, but also enjoys catching up with old teammates and old competitors.

"This is a great opportunity to be with a lot of old friends of ours, and some we played against. They are just great guys to be around. Get to know one another again. Rekindle some friendships. Tell some stories. Tell some lies. Because when you retire you actually become better than you used to be. So we get to reminisce some of that. It's just a lot of fun," said Reveiz.

A meal that brought 200 people into Second Harvest's new Blount County location.

No matter the final score, there were big results.

Bringing fans together, to continue feeding those in need.

Second Harvest of East Tennessee Director Elaine Streno expected to raise 10,000 dollars with Sunday's event. She said that is equivalent to 30,000 meals for the 18 counties they cover. A solid start to a tradition they plan to continue.

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