A Maryville church has come a long way since a flatbed truck crashed through it at the end of last year.

On December 20th, a truck lost control after a mechanical issue and slammed through the wall, taking out a large portion of the building.

The lead pastor says he couldn't believe it at first.

"When I first got the phone call it was hard to imagine just because when someone tells you a truck ran into your facility you never really visualize that until you see it and this was a huge tractor trailer delivery truck that was completely inside our facility; it was mindblowing," said Pastor Trent Stewart.

Leon Williams Contractors has been working since the accident to repair the building. The outside wall has been fully rebuilt and now crews are focusing on the inside.

The crash completely destroyed the Children's ministry area, but pastor Stewart is still finding the good in the event.

"The fact that nobody was hurt is great, and now we're able to do some things differently than the way that it was first originally constructed, so that's been a blessing and I think a lot of good things are coming out of it," he said.

Both the church and the contractors say they hope the repairs will be completely finished in time for Easter Sunday.

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