(WBIR - Blount County) The mother of a Blount County teen who died almost a year ago is breaking her silence and wants to speak up about the life of her son.

Heritage High school grad and skilled wrestler Skyler Boring died May 28th, 2013. At the time, Blount County authorities said they believe it was an accidental gunshot wound.

Boring's mother Amy, still has some questions about what exactly happened that night now a whole year ago.

A spokesperson with Blount County Sheriff's Office said their is still an open investigation on Skyler's death. And for Amy, that answer isn't enough after a year of waiting.

Amy goes to work every day for the past year, stocked with photos of her late son, Skyler.

"I still have nightmares and I still cry every day. And I want to know what happened to my son," said Amy.

Skyler was shot about a year ago with gun wounds leading to his death.

He was 17, co-captain of his wrestling team, and looking to go to culinary school according to his mom.

"He never gave me any problems. He got offered scholarships, and he didn't want to leave me. He really turned them down because he said he didn't want to leave me alone," said Amy.

The investigation is still open and Amy wants to know what happened to her son.

"I have a lot of unanswered questions, and nobody has been charged with anything yet. Nothing," said Amy.

She remembers the night of the gun shots vividly.

"The night that Skyler died, I drove his car home. They didn't even confiscate it or impound it for a crime scene. Nothing. I had to clean the blood out of my back seat myself."

As Amy waits to hear the result of the ongoing investigation...She hopes for the answer to her questions... will anyone be charged for the death of her son? Or will it be considered an accident?

"I want someone to go to jail. And I am going to keep calling until somebody does," said Amy.

The investigation is hoping to be finished within the coming month or two.

After the investigation ends, it is then up to the Blount County District Attorney to make a decision on charges.

And Amy says the foundation created in Skyler's name is having a car show in July to celebrate what would have been his birthday and his love of cars.

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