(WBIR-Etowah) A witness to Monday's officer-involved shooting says this is a rarity for the small community of Etowah.

"The last time we had a shooting that involved a death in Etowah was in 1983," said Durant Tullock, who saw what happened Monday night when officers fired shots at David Greenwood, 49.

According to TBI, Greenwood was pulled over for a traffic violation at the Bi-Lo supermarket parking lot near the intersection of Highway 411 and 30. According to a spokesperson, Greenwood tried leaving the scene, hitting a cruiser, before getting out of the vehicle with a weapon in hand. He was shot by officers, and later died from his injuries at UT Medical Center.

"And about that time, I saw policeman draw their weapon and shots came out immediately," Tullock added. "And I had my son in the car, so we quickly maneuvered to get behind another car and watch the action from there."

Greenwood was wanted by authorities in Middle Tennessee after a suspicious fire last weekend. His girlfriend was killed in the blaze in Pleasant Hill, north of Nashville in Robertson County.

It is not known if Etowah Police knew that Greenwood was a wanted man at the time of the shooting. According to the City Manager, police were on the lookout for a possible drunk driver at the time.

Tullock recalled the shots fired.

"I think my girlfriend was yelling, 'Nicholas get in the floorboard.' I couldn't hear much what he's saying," he said.

While no one here seems to know anything about David Greenwood, the Etowah man said something like this in a town of a few thousand is odd.

"It's something I will not forget a while. I hope this is the last time," Tullock said. "I hope it'll be another 30 years at least before something like this happens in Etowah again."

According to the Etowah city manager, the officers involved in the shooting have been placed on paid administrative leave, which is protocol.