(WBIR) The Knoxville Entrance Processing Station opened for the first time Tuesday, and is where all new members of the military around the region will come.

The new center is located in downtown Knoxville on Locust street, and will process all incoming applicants from East Tennessee, as well as parts of Georgia, North Carolina, West Virginia and Kentucky.

There, applicants will be evaluated, both physically and mentally, to see if they are fit to serve before heading to basic training.

"We determine the quality of military assessions through testing - physical and processing for moral qualifications. So mental, moral, and physical evaluations to sum it up," said Lieutenant Commander Jason McNear.

The building will get worn in pretty quickly as 450 men and women apply each month. If they qualify, each person will take his or her oath in the Sergeant Michael Ferschke, Jr. room, in honor of the Marine who was killed in action in Iraq in August of 2008.

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