On Tuesday, some Knox County high school students got a hands-on lesson in how first responders deal with mass disasters.

Gibbs High School hosted its first ever mass casualty drill for students in its emergency medical responders class. They worked with first responders from Rural Metro, Lifestar and the Knox County Sheriff's Office to learn how to react in a disaster.

The mock situation involved a brawl at the football stadium.

Teachers say they want the students to get a feel for real life emergencies.

"We don't expect the kids to be perfect after this. This will just give them a renewed respect for what people do go through when they do have to treat a mass casualty. How do you decide who gets treated first and who gets treated next? How do you do that?" said teacher Holly German.

Students in other classes such as health science and criminal justice also took part. Cosmetology students helped with makeup for the actors who played the roles of the victims.