Knoxville Police have recovered a trailer that was stolen from a Boy Scout troop that had just decorated it for a Christmas parade.

On December 5, Troop 13 in North Knoxville had just put the finishing touches on their float for the Fountain City Christmas parade. It was being kept in the leader's front yard until the parade on Saturday. But that night, someone stole it.

On Friday, KPD said they tracked the trailer down to a business on Clinton Highway. The owner bought it, but he didn't know it had been stolen. Investigators could not say how they found the trailer. It had been stripped of its holiday decorations, and KPD says it has been returned to the Boy Scouts.

No arrests have been made.

The boy scouts did manage to rebuild their float before the parade. The Ice Chalet let them borrow a trailer, and a neighbor found the large red canoe that was part of the decor down the road. They believe the thief dumped it when they were hauling the trailer away.