Two different communities have come together to support an East Tennessee family in mourning this Christmas season. Rubin Coffey, 36, of Powell, lost his life Tuesday in a car accident.

He was driving in Pulaski County, Kentucky when the passenger-side tires of his truck dropped off the shoulder of the road.

After that, according to sheriff's deputies, Coffey's truck flipped over.

They say they believe he died from blunt force trauma. Deputies added he was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident.

Coffey left behind a wife and three young boys. Friends say his youngest child was only 15-months-old.

The Iron Pigs Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club learned of Coffey's death soon after it happened.

Their members immediately knew they had to help.

"We decided we would take up and purchase toys, clothing and what we thought were the things they would need," said member Mark Pressley.

More Information: Rubin Coffey Family Fund

The group likes to do at least one charitable act per year.

Members hope their gesture will make Christmas a little more enjoyable for Coffey's kids.

"These toys might help them get through this time and divert their minds so they don't dwell on it," Pressley said.

On Monday, around 5 p.m., the club will meet at the Weigel's near the intersection of Emory Road and Interstate 75. From there, they will drive to Coffeys' home and personally deliver their present. They say others are invited to come with donations as well.

But, they aren't the only ones to coming to the Coffeys' aid.

Rubin Coffey was also a big fan of the Vols. He talked about the team frequently on the online web forum "".

Fellow forum member Doug Coffin did not know Coffey personally, but felt the need to set up an online fundraising campaign to help his family.

"We have hundreds of people who don't know the Coffey family, don't know Rubin, don't know his wife, but we know that they are brothers and sisters and we want too help as much as we can," Coffin said.

That effort had raised more than $7,000 for the Coffey family by 11 p.m. Friday night.

"It just shows the Christmas spirit, the VolNation spirit and the East Tennessee community spirit of what we have here," Coffin said.