Knox County Commissioner R. Larry Smith said he's filing a petition to run for a seat on the board of education.

Smith said he's running for the 7th district seat, which covers the Powell and Halls areas. He has also represented this district as county commissioner since 2006.

Since his term is expiring in the commission, Smith says he is turning his focus to improving the classroom, but stresses that most of the work needs to start at home.

"We've got to get parents involved. Teacher can do just so much. It's the parents who have to take on a little bit of responsibility on themselves, too," said Smith.

Key areas Smith wants to push include more prudent spending of school funding, rewarding well-performing teachers, preparing students for college and post-graduate life.

Other people who've picked up petitions but have yet to file to run for the 7th district seat include Danny Kirby and Zachary Wishart.