(WBIR-Knoxville) They're part of life on the road this time of year, but potholes can be dangerous for you and your car.

"They're pretty bumpy."

"Between lanes, along the edges of lanes."

"Yeah I thought I was going to blow my tire out."

Those comment all came from drivers who drove on I-640 Monday. While there were some potholes on I-40 and I-75 in Knox County, the interstate in-between arguably had the most roadside crevices.

"We have seen an increase in pothole and impact type reports from our customers for over the last 4 to 6 weeks," said David Rigsby with Fisher Tire on Kingston Pike.

Some shops have seen a 5 to 10-percent increase in business over the last month because of potholes. One growing problem repairmen are seeing is many newer cars have smaller tires. That translates to less resistance when there's a pothole impact.

"(Car models changed) say 10 years ago, and that energy is transmitted into the wheel well and that's what's caused a lot of these wheel damages," Rigsby added.

TDOT has already patched a number of the holes, and a spokesperson says they're actively looking for new ones. A focal point now is I-640.

If you see a pothole, contact TDOT at (865) 594-2400 or