(WBIR) Knoxville firefighters battled freezing temperatures, fighting a house fire in north Knoxville early Friday morning.

When crews arrived at the home on Atlantic Avenue at about 2:20 a.m., they said flames and smoke filled the home.

The homeowner said she heard the smoke alarm go off inside her home while she was checking on her pet ducks in the yard early Friday morning. The homeowner said she and a friend tried to put out the fire with an extinguisher, but were unsuccessful.

Firefighters said the fire quickly spread throughout the house because of the way it was constructed decades ago.

Early morning fire destroy north Knoxville home Brian Holt

Extra firefighters were called out to the scene to provide relief to crews who were battling the fire in single digit temperatures.

KFD spokesperson D.J. Corcoran said the elements were definitely an obstacle for firefighters because water turned to ice on the streets and mist from the hoses formed icicles on their helmets, making it a cold morning for crews.

Firefighters say the home is a complete loss. Investigators are trying to figure out where the fire started.

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