Wild hogs have been known to destroy property on the Cumberland Plateau and McMinn County, but now we're learning that the creatures have spread deep into the City of Knoxville.

Residents have seen hogs roaming just two miles north of downtown near Fulton High School.

TWRA caught one of the hogs Sunday night. It weighed 125 pounds. The agency caught another one that weighed 250 pounds last week.

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About a month and a half ago, nearby residents Michael Hiday and Daniel O'Connor saw one of the hogs walking near Eighth Avenue.

"We just come out and there's a wild boar in our front yard," Hiday said.

TWRA Region IV Spokesperson Matt Cameron discusses the history and impact of feral hogs in East Tennessee.

They said the hog had tusks and was bigger than a dog.

TWRA Region IV Spokesperson Matt Cameron said the agency is not sure how the hogs got to the neighborhood.

"Well, they are spreading," he said. "It's not typical for them to be in Knoxville city limits like that. We're not sure where this actual herd came from."

TWRA said they first heard about the hogs a couple of weeks ago. Cameron said some businesses caught the creatures tearing up their landscapes.

TWRA thinks there may be three or four more hogs elsewhere in the area. Cameron said the agency's goal is to capture the hogs before they multiply. He said a wild hog can have 1.5 litters a year, which equates to about five or six piglets.

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"They reproduce real quickly," Cameron said.

In the meantime, TWRA asks that locals keep a look out for the remaining hogs and call TWRA at 423-587-7037 if they spot one.

Cameron said TWRA remains confident it can capture all of the hogs before their population explodes in the city.

The agency is also offering a reward of up to $3,500 for information "leading to the conviction of persons involved in the sale, illegal transportation and/or stocking of wild hogs."

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