(WBIR) Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett was in northeast Knox County Tuesday night to discuss the possibility of a new middle school in the Gibbs community.

Parents at the meeting they want a middle school over concerns about the amount of time their children currently spend on bus rides to and from school. Right now, some students spend an hour on the bus each way.

Burchett said he understands and shares those concerns, but said the process of adding a new school is a time-consuming one. He also said every situation is different, in regards to the new Carter Elementary School built recently.

"We did Carter, that was a one-time deal though," Burchett said. "And we said it was a one-time deal. We sold [the] available properties...there are no available properties anymore. I told folks, there's a reason it's (Carter Elementary) available, [it's] because nobody wants it."

Burchett said the first step in moving forward is for the school to put a new middle school on its capitol plan. Then, the school board and superintendent would have to approve the plan before it could move forward.

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