(WBIR-Knoxville) A coffee house next to two historic neighborhoods in Knoxville is celebrating six months of growth and business.

K Brew opened in October at the intersection of Glenwood Ave. and Broadway between the Fourth & Gill and Old North Knoxville neighborhoods. Brothers Pierce and Michael LaMacchia said they have seen steady growth in their business.

"It's just the best community in the world, I think. Great people, a lot of busy traffic on Broadway," Pierce LaMacchia said.

Facade grants from the city of Knoxville have helped renew the building.

An art gallery takes up one space. However, much of the building is still for rent. Fourth & Gill Resident Patrick McInturff bought the property more than a year ago.

"He's really partnered with us in being a linchpin for the whole building to develop it and make it more of an asset for the community. It was kind of run-down before," Pierce said.

Pat McHugh occasionally does his work from K Brew.

"I found K Brew when I was driving around the neighborhood and made a wrong turn and came right out here at the corner," McHugh said.

McHugh remembers how vacant Market Square used to be; he lived through the downtown revitalization.

"I've been hearing about the city putting in some money and encouraging new businesses to open here over the last couple of years and I'm glad to see it's happening," he said.

Greenlee's Bicycle Shop is a staple for the neighborhoods. It's located right across the street from K Brew.

"That building over there has been a motorcycle shop, a barber shop, and a restaurant, and several other things," said Conrad Majors, owner of Greenlee's Bicycle Shop.

He went on to say, "It's a good neighborhood and the Fourth & Gill neighborhood's on the rise and we're glad to see that."

Other areas nearby have taken advantage of the city's facade grants, including businesses on Central Street.

According to Bob Whetsel, director of redevelopment for the city of Knoxville, those grants can provide up to 80% of the money needed to upgrade a building's external appearance.

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