An agency that serves children and adults with disabilities just got a big boost in its efforts to build a new facility. B&W Y-12 donated $75,000 to the Emory Valley Center in Oak Ridge on Wednesday.

The center must replace the building that currently houses many of its programs. That building will be torn down in 2015 because the cost to maintain it is too high.

The center says the new facility will make a real impact on the people who use its services.

"It's going to help people have more meaningful lives. We're going to be able to create places where we can teach job skills and teach things so people can go out, if they choose, and go out to the community and get competitive employment," said Jennifer Enderson, president of the Emory Valley Center.

With the donation, the center has now raised a total of $2.5 million for the facility. Its goal is $3.3 million.

The Emory Valley Center hopes to start building by this spring.