One East Tennessee group is picking people up during the holiday season a time where depression hits home for many.


One East Tennessee group is picking people up during the holiday season, a time where depression hits home for many.

CONTACT Care Line in Oak Ridge is a call line for people who need to air out whats on their minds to stop them from making life altering decisions.

Depression is a tough thing to talk about. Especially when it comes to the point where suicide is on your mind.

CONTACT Care Line notices a rise in suicide and attempted suicide around the holidays and wants to lend an ear.

"We have such high expectations now naturally during the holidays in terms of our family and our connections and if you are already socially isolated and are having any emotional or financial distress, then that makes it even more difficult to deal with," said CONTACT in Oak Ridge Director Deb Patterson.

Her office is the last standing CONTACT office in the area.

"Having the call center here in East Tennessee is even more important than ever because in the last 10 years, four other crisis call centers in the Tennessee Valley region have closed due to lack of funds," said Patterson.

Linda Doyle is a founding member of the Oak Ridge chapter. Over the years, she noticed a trend about how the holidays can affect someone who suffers from depression.

"People become very aware of the difference between what they don't have and what other people have," said Doyle.

Sometimes all it takes is support. CONTACT has volunteer "listeners" answering the phones. Psychotherapists also work for the organization.

"Primarily to listen and to listen for what the bottom line issue is.. and then help bring that to light for them so they can more consciously look at what their problems are," said Doyle.

This problem doesn't only hit during the holidays, but is around all year round.

Patterson said they are always accepting volunteer help. They celebrated their 40th year of being in Oak Ridge this year..The organization is a branch off of an international organization. She said they look forward to listening for years to come.

If you need someone to speak to this holiday season, you can call the care line at 865-584-4424.