A fire Tuesday morning badly damaged an Andersonville family's home. The fire started around 5:30 off Hinds Creek Road near Norris Freeway.

According to Andersonville VFD, no one was hurt in the fire that destroyed about half of the home. They say the not damaged part is salvageable.

Firefighters say the fire started near the dryer in the utility room. They say it was an electrical fire, but it is unclear exactly what started it. There were space heaters connected to an extension cord near where the fire started.

Fire Chief Jeff Bagwell says the call came in at 5:28 and firefighters were on the scene seven minutes later.

The Red Cross is stepping up to help the family by putting them up in a local hotel for three nights and providing them clothing.

Firefighters want to stress the potential dangers of electrical fires this time of the year. They say:
- Turn off or turn down kerosene heaters
- Watch live Christmas trees. Give them lots of water so they don't dry out, especially if you use space heaters or kerosene heaters.
- Don't put your Christmas tree near things that can burn easily like curtains, furniture, and rugs.
- Don't put cords under rugs or carpets.