After a family discovered two dogs shot to death, they are fighting to find who's responsible. About a week ago, a family spotted the dogs while taking a drive through the Norris Watershed.

According to Amanda Spoon, the dogs were right off of the side of the road in the Norris Watershed. Since she found these dogs, Spoon has been looking for an owner, or even a person responsible. Christine Eich with the Friends of the Norris Animal Shelter posted photos of the dogs onto the organization's Facebook page.

Joe Deatherage has taken his dog Cody around the Watershed for the past 11 years. After finding out what happened at his stomping grounds, he didn't know how to react.

"It kind of makes me sick in my stomach I guess. We have a dog, and have had one for 11 years and love him you can say. And I can't imagine someone doing this," said Deatherage.

"Me and my son were the ones that saw him. We were just driving through," said Amanda Spoon after spotting the the dogs.

That was Thursday, February 20. Spoon and her family say some dead animals on the side of the road caught their attention. They took a closer look and found two dogs dead from gunshots.

"My main objective is just finding the person who did this and getting the word around so people can watch their dogs," said Spoon.

In an effort to spark the community's interest, Spoon helped create a fundraiser. It will offer a reward to anyone with tips about who shot the dogs.

"It wasn't like they just shot them and dumped them. They planned this out, I feel like. They did it and it was fun maybe to them. I don't know. There is something wrong with somebody who does that. It's kind of scary thinking they are in my community," said Spoon.

No one has come forward to claim what the Spoon family said were younger dogs.

She is hoping that the reward helps. Deatherage says they don't know who did it, whether it was the owner or someone else, only that whoever pulled the trigger did something wrong.

Anderson County District Attorney Dave Clark says they have prosecuted animal cruelty cases like this one before, but couldn't speak to this case specifically.

For information on how to help find who shot these dogs, you can contact the Norris Public Safety Department at (865) 494-0881. If you want to add into the reward, you can donate to Eich and Spoon's Gofundme reward page.

If you would prefer to donate in person, Eich has an account set up at the Regions Bank in Norris.

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