(WBIR-Lake City) One Lake City five-year-old received a room fit for a princess on Saturday. Special Spaces renovated Riley Mozingo's room. This program helps kids like Riley. Kids who are facing an illness that could keep them bed ridden.

Riley has a brain tumor.

She has gone through multiple treatments. Now she is back at home and her family said her treatments are in God's hands now.

Riley Mozingo is always smiling.

"It doesn't matter what kind of day or night she had, she wakes up with a smile on her face. And it's like what our therapist said once she wouldn't have made it this far if she wasn't so stubborn," said Riley's mother Tomeka Mozingo.

She was diagnosed with Astrocycoma grade 3 on May of 2010, giving the month of May a stigma for the Monzingo family.

That was until Special Spaces stepped in.

"May 14th was Riley's diagnosis day. May is really hard for us. And it's really nice to have something like this, because May has been hard for several years. If something goes wrong, it goes wrong in May for her," said Tomeka.

Melanie Lamberson is a co-director of Special Spaces in Knoxville. When they heard about Riley, they decided they wanted to give her the room of her dreams.

It was based off of a drawing that Riley made.

"It was just scribbles on a piece of paper. Pink and Purple, but I looked at her and said so you want a princess room? And she was amazed that I figured out from her drawing that it was a princess," said Lamberson.

A princess theme for the young princess. The group began working on Riley's room while she was out of the home. Only, more than her room looked a little different.

The family is now home to a new pool, grass in the front yard, a new playground, and a redecorated room for Riley's sister, Skylar.

Then the moment came, and the Mozingo family came home to find their surprises. Riley rushed into her room, raving over her new toys and bed.

Although she wasn't fond of the new yard for fear of getting too messy from playing on it.

"I am just tired of getting all messy and trying to clean all up in my bathtub," said Riley.

But for now, Riley will keep on smiling with her new room of royalty.

And her parents will keep the faith that Riley will get to enjoy the month of May for many years to come.

Riley also recently got to meet Dolly Parton, and had a fun encounter. Dolly met Riley and her family for lunch, and Dolly was running a little behind. When she arrived, Riley took no more than two seconds to say, "Well, what took you so long?"

This was after Lamberson helped organize a parade for Riley last week.

Lamberson is also a teacher. Special Spaces was assisted by the students in Lamberson's class. As well as the Anderson County High School Football Team, and students from Clinch River Community School.

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