A major improvement project is now complete that will make it easier for some drivers to access Interstate 40.

TDOT celebrated the improvements to State Route 52 in Morgan County on Monday.

Crews improved a 2.3 mile section from Brewstertown Road to the Scott County line with 12-foot lanes, 12-foot shoulders and a new bridge.

Before the project, the road was winding and curving. Now, it's a straighter shot to I-40.

The new road also bypasses historic "Rugby." That keeps big trucks from going right through town.

"It was very dangerous as I think Senator Yager pointed out. It couldn't be as much a pedestrian community, not all parts of it were safely walkable, but that's now going to be the case," said Rugby resident Barbara Stagg.

Folks in Morgan County have been trying to get this road for 40 years.