(WBIR-Morgan County, TN) Come 2014, every business in the state of Tennessee will be required to get a business license, or risk paying a fine.

A few years ago, the state took over that chore from individual counties, but some never made it a requirement to open a business.

Morgan County is one of those places.

"We have about 483 businesses in Morgan County that are going to have to purchase a business license," said clerk Cheryl Collins.

Her office is getting busy with business owners who will be having to fill out a form for that piece of paper.

"We have had businesses move to Morgan County just because we did not have a business license; the county did not employ one. But now we have to," she added.

What that means is a $15 fee, and a tax. For most businesses who have more than $100,000 in receipts - they tax .1%. That equates to as low as $100, but for small businesses, it will still hurt.

"There are some small businesses that I'm afraid will close their doors, because seriously -- they barely make enough," Collins added. "They enjoy doing what they do, they don't make a lot of the money."

Two other counties, Claiborne and Clay, also had no requirement for a business license. That too will change come January 1.