A Campbell County animal shelter once investigated for improper treatment of animals says it's having great success with one group of animals


(WBIR - Campbell County) Walker, a brown and white Great Pyrenees - Golden Retriever mix, is one of only a few dogs remaining at the Adrion Baird Animal Shelter. Most of the dog kennels located toward the back of the building are empty.

Beth Caldwell, a staff member for the animal shelter, said, "It's awesome. It's good to know that the animals are going out and finding new homes."

Caldwell said the animal shelter is experiencing a major difference compared to when it re-opened in August following a TBI investigation regarding allegations of improper treatment of the animals.

Usually, the Campbell County animal shelter is filled with canines. Now, it has only about a half dozen up for adoption.

"We send a lot of them out to rescues and that is just great," said Caldwell.

Many of the dogs are sent to rescue shelters in Maine, New Jersey, Minnesota, Ohio, and New York.

Michelle White, Rescue Coordinator for Friends of Campbell County, TN Animals, said, "We were able to send out nine dogs yesterday and 90 this week within the area, not just here in Campbell County."

Due to the high adoption rate, the animal shelter's euthanasia rate has dropped dramatically. The shelter said in August, the it had to put down about 90 percent of the animals. That rate is now under 50 percent.

Volunteer Taylor Longmire said, "It's really great. It gives me more time to give attention to the other dogs."

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