(WBIR) Thousands of dollars in stolen goods from nearly a dozen burglarized homes are in police custody Wednesday, after authorities arrested two people in connection with the crimes.

"You got big screen TVs, you got motorcycles, all kinds of working tools, surround sounds, laptops, two safes -- that was pretty big burglaries," said Wartburg Police Captain Dwayne Bales.

The items in question belonged to people scattered in Morgan and Roane counties, after recent reports of burglaries in towns like Wartburg, Kingston, Oliver Springs, and others.

The department is working with several other agencies after Doug Laymance and his girlfriend, Latisha Bingham, were arrested Tuesday, not just once but twice.

According to the Morgan County Sheriff's Department, the two were arrested around midnight for suspicion of theft in at least one residence. They went to jail and quickly posted bond.

"Six to seven hours later, they were back out doing the same thing," said Sgt. David Woodard with the sheriff's department. "So when the BOLO came in for that vehicle, we pretty much knew what vehicle it was because we dealt with it earlier in the day."

Wartburg Police picked up the items stolen and say the suspects are part of a larger theft ring -- men and women stealing items, and using the profits for drugs.

Investigators will continue to go into other houses they believe have the belongings with more arrests pending. They added Laymance had a key roll in the ring.

"You look at, most of it is 'working stuff' you use daily to work with -- you got these people going around and stealing it. It's not good," Capt. Bales added.

For now, many of the items are heading back to the original owners.

"It's the most I've seen and have hands in the 13 years I've been in (the force)," Capt. Bales said.

If you had a recent burglary in the Morgan or Roane County area, the police department is asking you to contact them through their Facebook page.