Scott County Schools dismissed early Tuesday as the threat of wintery weather loomed. 1-21-14

(WBIR-Scott County, TN) Every time a school director makes the decision to let kids go home early due to bad weather, more times than not, it's not the easiest of decisions, according to one East Tennessee leader.

"Number one, we wanted the kids to get fed lunch, so we made the decision at 9:30. Also, watched the radar most of the day, kind of really helped our decision-making process to let out at 11:30 today," said Scott County director of schools Bill Hall.

It means getting the word out quickly, making sure every parent knows what's going on, and getting the children home safely. In rural areas with lots of back roads, that means it's tough predicting whether there should be class.

"If we err, we err on the side of caution. Our first priority in the world is to educate kids. From there, it's our duty and our responsibility to make sure they get home safely," Hall added.

Scott County has used six of their 13 snow days so far. With Tuesday being counted as a school day because of class time exceeding four hours, this means one extra snow day to use, just in case.

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