(WBIR-Jacksboro) When Campbell County schools canceled classes Thursday because of snow, Director of Schools Donnie Poston went ahead and called off school for Friday, too.

"Some of the buses, they actually started up a few hours before school starts. So we had some that were already on the road when I made the call," Poston said Thursday.

Temperatures are expected to go down into the single digits come Friday in the northern Tennessee county. Add to that, the rocky, rugged terrain, and the decision to close comes down to safety.

"High in the teens, and lows around the single digits possibly down near zero, and knowing these children are waiting on the school bus," Poston added.

He based his decision on two factors: transportation and student welfare.

"Majority of our buses are diesel buses so when the temperature goes below 10 degrees, you start having issues. You have to make sure the batteries are well charged. They place additives in the fuel to keep it from 'gelling'," said Campbell County Schools Transportation Supervisor Larry Nideffer.

"A lot of children will go to the bus stop not totally prepared, without their coats like they should, with their gloves or hats. And what if that bus is delayed or what if that stop is a good distance from their house?" Poston said.

Friday will mark the 7th of 13 total snow days that the school system could use. Leaders said they would rather be safe than sorry.

"But knowing that it's going to be so much colder tomorrow than it is today; it was not a hard decision to make," Poston added.

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