(WBIR-Jacksboro) April will mark one year since the Adrion W. Baird Animal Center in Campbell County temporarily closed amid animal abuse allegations. Even though it later reopened, the state has placed Campbell County Animal Control on probation.

The Tennessee Department of Health specifically named Otis Poore and Stan Foust, both certified animal euthanasia technicians at the shelter.

The Tennessee Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners listed a number of violations against the pair. It included improper euthanasia techniques, as well as performing euthanasia in front of the other animals.

Last year, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) launched an investigation into allegations of improper euthanasia. The shelter temporarily closed and the supervisor at the time, Betty Crumley, resigned.

Prosecutors did not file charges against Crumley and TBI's investigation also closed.

"Basically at this point, having that investigation done, going before the grand jury, and it not resulting in any charges, there would have to be additional proof submitted to us before there could be criminal charges placed," 8th Judicial District Attorney General Lori Phillips-Jones said.

The District Attorney General's Office has been reviewing the report.

The Tennessee Department of Health cannot press charges.

"I'd like to look into it a little bit more with the Veterinary Medical Board's order that's been done. It didn't have any specific findings in it which would help a prosecution one way or another," Phillips-Jones said.

It is unknown from the report when the probation period started, but the shelter has been aware of the order since September.

The shelter's current supervisor, Mike Aiken, was among the people who signed the order in September.

Before the probation can be lifted, they must meet certain requirements set by the board. The agreed order includes re-certification for Poore and Foust.

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