(WBIR) A judge threw out Friday an alleged suicide note written by a Campbell man accused of shooting three administrators in 2005.

Kenneth Bartley was just 14-years old when investigators say he took a gun to Campbell County High School in November 2005. When he was taken to the principal's office, officials have accused Bartley of shooting and killing assistant principal Ken Bruce. Two other administrators, principal Gary Seal and vice principal Jim Pierce, were also injured in the shooting.

Bartley initially pleaded guilty, but his guilty plea was thrown out, and he has now been granted a trial.

The suspect's attorney, Greg Isaacs, filed paperwork on Tuesday to suppress a page from a notebook that appears to be a suicide note written by Bartley. The single page isn't dated, and the note begins, "Today is the last of my horrible days." The note, signed by Bartley, asks for an open casket at the funeral, for his body to be cremated and his ashes spread "across the mountains of Eagle Bluff." He also asks for his room to be left the same.

BACKGROUND: Attorney wants school shooting suspect's suicide note excluded from trial

In court paperwork, Isaacs wrote the note should be excluded at trial because it was presented as evidence for the first time approximately eight years after Bartley's arrest, plus there's no way to determine when it was written. A judge on Friday agreed with Isaacs, ruling the note shouldn't be allowed because it was unclear whether it was written during the same period as the shooting.

Jury selection for Bartley's trial is scheduled to being on Feb. 24.

Jim Pierce said sitting through the trial is going to be difficult.

"It's something you don't want to go through again. We hate to have to go through it, but I will be glad once it's done and over with. It's been a little over eight years, and it's something you think about daily," said Pierce.

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