Selling alcohol to minors may be against the law, but authorities say it's happening a lot in Scott County. During a regular round of undercover work, deputies say of all businesses they checked, 40 percent sold to minors.

The organization STAND helped out with the sting. Their goal is to fight underage drinking.

The sting showed that 11 out of 28 stores they checked sold to the minor they planted. Even some of the kids are concerned about the problem, and how it is affecting their peers.

A couple of teenagers created a group called the CORE Initiative. It's affiliated with STAND.

"I have seen my peers drink alcohol, want alcohol, go out and drink, and just completely change their life. They will grow up before they are ready to and make stupid decisions based on a fun night," said Courtney Ayers with the CORE Initiative.

According to the Scott County Sheriff's Department, the clerks are the ones cited for selling to minors, not the actual business itself.

They receive a misdemeanor charge, and have to take a class with STAND teaching ways to notice a minor, and what to say to turn them down.

These stings have helped authorities uncover another problem. Ayers calls it "shoulder tapping."

"It's when a minor buys alcohol from somebody who can buy."

It has police and parents concerned, as well as kids concerned about their friends.

STAND is fighting for stronger punishments for selling to minors. Trent Coffey with the organization said they could help prevent sales to minors from happening in the future.

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