As the city of Knoxville begins its one year pilot program for food trucks, other East TN towns have gotten a head start, and they are seeing results.

Jerry Hicks owns a restaurant that may be a little smaller than your every day diner, it even has wheels, and offers a menu not often seen in East Tennessee.

"This is what I wanted to bring. I wanted to bring something new. And I change my menu weekly," said Hicks.

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He owns a food truck called Launa's Iron Skillet. His daughter Launa is the namesake. Hicks started this business seven months ago, and he runs it when he is not busy with his other job-- being a chef in Alaska.

Since he opened shop, business has been good.

"I am doing as good as any brick and mortar restaurant here. I fed about 85 people here for lunch. For this little town that is quite considerable," said Hicks.

His restaurant spices up the food selection in Jacksboro and his customers are noticing. Putting Cajun food on the map in East TN.

"Most of our selection here are fast food and he has a set up here where the food is cooked fresh. It's a little bit different but very tasty. And highly recommended. I hope that Jacksboro will continue to support it and that it will be a big hit here and hopefully grow for the future," said avid customer Tony Crutchfield.

Hicks is certain his restaurant on wheels would thrive in a bigger city but he doesn't want to have to fight for zones and locations for his business.

The only thing he sees in his future is-- "A bigger trailer," he said.

When Hicks started, there were no food trucks in town. Now there are two, including his.

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