Homelessness is not just a problem in Knoxville and other urban area. Many of our rural counties face the same issue.

That's why several local lawmakers want to bring that issue to light. Scott County has a homeless shelter that serves several areas around northern Tennessee.

On Wednesday, several lawmakers issued a proclamation declaring November to be "Homeless Awareness Month."

They say that's close to the holidays and reminds people of the problem, especially outside of Knoxville.

"We're hopeful that by bringing some attention to this that we can build support for the Scott County effort and the other counties in my district, too. the homeless problem takes on a different character in rural counties, but it's still a very serious problem nonetheless," said Senator Ken Yager.

Sen. Yager says that during the winter months, the Huntsville shelter will run out of room. He says that proves there is a demand for a place for the needy to go.

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