It's a nearly forty year tradition in Seymour where old Saint Nick comes early on Christmas Eve offering a present for the children.

The Seymour Volunteer Fire Department gathers little gifts, packs up the fire truck and sends Santa to multiple neighborhoods to give these gifts away.

Normally when you hear sirens, you have your concerns.

"At first you think it's a fire, then we are delighted to see that it's Santa Claus. We just love Santa," said Seymour resident Chuck Ketron.

Seymour firemen team up with old Saint Nick every year to make this possible. Santa shows up in your neighborhood and gives a gift to each child he passes.

"I mean it's just what we do. They expect it, they love it, they come around in October to make sure we are still doing it. And it just gets bigger and bigger every year," said Seymour fireman Rod Dykes.

Kids of all ages will wait up for this special arrival. While others are pleasantly surprised by the sudden burst of Christmas spirit.

What is it that the volunteer firefighters get out of this? Pure tradition. They know that gift of giving is an important part of the holiday.

Just ask Anastasia Clapp.

"Giving gifts and getting gifts is the best part about Christmas," said Clapp.

Just another way to bring the community together in time for every one to have a Merry Christmas.

Seymour firefighters say it grows every year larger and larger. The gifts are made possible through donations from the community. All to make the children smile.