A Seymour church is soaked after a water pipe burst Tuesday afternoon.

Seymour Heights Christian Church lead pastor, Dr. Harold Keck, said the fire alarm sounded around 2:30 p.m. He ran from his office to the lobby, where the sprinkler system had triggered and was spraying water through a hole in the wall.

The church, located at the corner of Chapman Highway and Boyd's Creek Highway, was soaked: the lobby, the worship center, and several classrooms.

The water spewed with a force great enough to rip part of the paint and baseboard from a wall across the room.

The spraying sprinkler prompted a response from the Seymour Volunteer Fire Department. They helped church staff turn off the building's water, and begin clean-up.

A sprinkler company later arrived to investigate the mess, which turned out to be the result of a pipe bursting at the elbow. The response teams and church staff agreed the cold weather was the likely cause.

Pastor Keck said he was grateful to the handful of staff and volunteers who helped clean up the worst of the mess Tuesday.

"It's a team in the good and the bad," he said. "When bad things do happen you just jump in and go for it."

Keck said the church has insurance, but there is no estimation yet on how much damage was done.

He does not expect Wednesday night's church activities to be impacted by the water.

A similar accident happened at the Bearden Antique Market in West Knoxville on Tuesday. Firefighters say pipes for the building's fire sprinkler system froze and burst, causing water to leak.

That water then caused the dropped ceiling to collapse, damaging the business.

Knoxville firefighters say they've responded to several sprinkler calls Tuesday.

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