A local church found some innovative ways to continue their service Wednesday evening, even though church goers weren't allowed in the building.

A pastor at Calvary Chapel in South Knoxville says they had frozen pipes. Since the church had no running water, it had to cancel its service at the chapel, but still broadcast the sermon online and on the radio.

"I'm pretty much a stickler on having services even in bad snow. We pretty much have a service even if it's just me and a few people, and that's why we're doing it tonight," said Pastor Mark Kirk. "Even though the water is shut down and nobody can come in and use the building, I said 'hey let's put it on the radio, we'll be online-- let's go for it.' So this is kinda new for us in that way."

Pastor Kirk says they will have to wait until later in the week to make a decision about Sunday's service. They plan to broadcast again if the pipes are still frozen.

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