Given our beautiful days, people are starting to hit the lakes and rivers. But it's still a couple months before they are summer ready.

March didn't see much rain. And until more rain comes, dock building businesses can flourish.

The Tennessee Valley Authority is responsible for filling the lakes around East Tennessee back up for the summer recreation season.

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But if mother nature doesn't do her part, they could be in trouble. This is coming after a particularly wet year last year.

"We had actually too much water last year and moved a lot of water down through the river system. This year we are trying to hang on to as much water as we possibly can. Only releasing the very minimum out of the dams that we have to," said Travis Brickey with TVA.

TVA began the process of refilling the lakes in mid-March. Some will take longer, causing the levels to stay down. While they are down, Jason Varney and his business Dock and Deck can get to work.

"Certain jobs require the water to be up, certain jobs require the water to be down. We try to schedule our jobs around when the water is going to be up and when it's going to be down. Trying to beat the deadline of the end of the month," said Varney.

Last year's wet season caused some docks around town to go underwater and start to have problems.

Varney is concerned with the safety hazards that can follow.

"A lot of the problems we have been seeing in the winter are from the high waters we saw last year. Sporadic levels real high real low. Electrical issues where the water got above the electrical outlets. And also just maintenance from years of usage and neglect," said Varney.

It's a season that keeps his business going, and the beginning to fun in the springtime sun.

"As we get into these really warm spring days, people try to get out and get a head start on boating. We are still refilling, so be mindful of the hazards that are out there," said Brickey.

TVA expects everything to be back to summer levels by June 1st.

If you have issues with your deck or dock, Varney's business Dock & Deck can take a look.

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